Feature Artist

Sierra Martin

Gabe Weis is currently showing his work at WOOD SALON from April 2018—July 2018.



My name is Sierra Martin and i have been an artist all my life. I live and work in Arcata, Ca. The current body of work was made in the last Five years. These pieces are constructed out of paper, ink, acrylic paint, glue and mod podge. My work is an attempt to explore a pure aesthetic unencumbered by representation or any overt meaning. The individual works are untitled to avoid placing unnecessary context that might affect the viewers judgement of their aesthetic merits. In removing the baggage of meaning, what is left is unsoiled examination of beauty itself. It is my hope that my work contributes to movement seeking to return to beauty as the object of artistic exploration. 

If you are interested in my work you can contact me at, 



Sierra Martin 2018