Feature Artist


Colin Liotta

Colin Liotta is currently showing his work at WOOD SALON from November 2018—January 2018.


Colin Liotta lives in Berkeley and has been creating art using lasers for the past 20 years. His work often plays with the idea that simple 2D parts can create complex 3D wholes, either via layering, folding, or intersecting. Many of his pieces are made up of stacked layers of laser cut paper or hardwood that interact in interesting ways.

"I particularly enjoy working with natural materials since there is something delightful in the intersection of math and nature, chaos and order. Plus, it's nice to make art that can be touched."

"I rarely start with an exact vision of what I want to make. Instead, I mix and match different transformations and concepts until I serendipitously discover something beautiful."

His art can be found at https://LiottaDesign.com and https://etsy.com/shop/LiottaDesign