Feature Artist

Addie Jenkins

Addie Jenkins is currently showing her work at WOOD SALON from July 2018—October 2018.



Addie Jenkins studied pottery as part of the History of Arts and Crafts program at UC Santa Cruz and fell in love with clay. In the 70’s and 80’s she worked in studios in Santa Cruz and Berkeley and sold her work through galleries around the county as well as from her studio. Coming back to artwork again and having time to explore is both fun and satisfying. Now she splits her time in the studio between photography and clay.

“Seeing is the essence of photography. I discovered while traveling how much more aware I am of what’s around me when I have a camera in my hand. The process of catching an image, a moment, a breakup of space is a pleasure for me.  My newest series is looking at the angle and texture of architecture.

"I’m still making functional ceramic work, and in the last two years I have discovered the joy of working directly with the clay in a figurative way. To catch an emotion, a feeling or communication lets me feel deeply what it is that I’m trying to capture. I get to use skills learned from making functional work with a new freedom of form and the addition of narrative.”